Surly Corner Bar Riser Lenker


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Surly Corner Stop Riser Lenker

Used to be if you wanted to throw drop bars on your off-road rig, you had to fork over your allowance for a new drivetrain and brake levers. We made the Corner Bar so you could conduct all your dirt-drop experiments with your current brake and drivetrain setup. I mean, why spring for the whole buffet when all you want is a salty snack at the bar? Anyway, we made this one out of Chromoly and it comes in three agreeable widths. We’re also including a set of shims. If you don’t need ‘em, stick ‘em in a drawer for later. You call the shots, Boss.
Forged from Chromoly and available in three widths (46, 50, and 54 cm measured from hood to hood), we made the Corner Bar so you can get familiar with the dirt-drop lifestyle without investing all your cryptocurrency gains in a new drivetrain and brake setup. And that’s a decent value proposition, isn’t it? Sort of like catching the band without paying the cover.

Highlights Surly Corner Bar Riser

  • Chromoly Stahl
  • drei verschiedene Größen verfügbar
  • inkl. shims für 31,8mm Durchmesser


Material: Chromoly Stahl
Größen: 46cm, 50cm, 54cm
Klemmung: 25,4mm
Bremsenkompatibel: Mountain 22.2mm
Drop Bar Flare: 41.4°
Bar Drop: 94mm
Sweep Angle: 65.2°
Farbe: schwarz
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